Berkeley Studio 4.8


Welcome to the newest version of the Berkeley Studio. Now that you have version 4.8, you have access to exclusive improvements and new features. All the features are explained in our online help. Press F1 in the Studio and the online help wil be openened.

Menu change

We made a few changes to the main menu. The menu is better organized, so you can work with more efficiency.

Faster studio

If you work with source, the studio has only the current graph in source. The overall speed is much faster if you work with multiple graphs.

else statements

If you have a condition, the succeeding action can be added as an 'else' meaning if the condition is not met, the succeeding action will execute.

condition block

You can add a block with actions to the actionlist. If the condition is met the whole block with actions is executed. If not, the whole block will be skipped.

Free text drop-down list

If you use a drop-down list interface, you can check 'free text' while editing the question. This will let your user to enter free text in the box.

Management preview documents

Managing the previews of the right document if you have a few, is done by 'addpreviewdocument'. But if you would step back, the previewed document would still be shown. Now the state of the list of preview documents is restored when you step back.

Word references

Use the right click menu in actions to copy Word references of data. You can paste them in your Word document, so you eliminate the change of typos.

Better error handling with external interfaces

An interface to an external source (like a database) can fail. If so, the server would stop, leaving the user a bit confused. In 4.8 the interface will, if failed, return a text starting with 'Error: '. With pos('Error: ', interface_db) = 1 you can check if your interface is successfull.

DB Interfaces have free SQL for reading

If you have an DB-interface to read from a database, you can define the SQL yourself.

plain text output

Besides MS Word or MS Powerpoint you can now create 'plain text' files as well.

Improvement preview

The preview of Word documents has always been focused on just the text of the Word document. In 4.8 we added some features, like better font recognizing. Automatic numbers are replaced by bullits.

Export textfragments with condition

The export of all the textfragments in a model to excel comes with an extra column to show the conditions

You can contact us for more information.

Continuous improvement of our solution is a core value of our culture here at Berkeley Bridge. Do you have any questions or feature requests that could help us further enhance our software?

Please let us know by filling out the contact form.


A list of the patches can be found here. The solved ticket list can be found here.