Berkeley Studio 4.7


Welcome to the newest version of the Berkeley Studio. Now that you have version 4.7, you have access to exclusive improvements and new features. All the features are explained in our online help. Press F1 in the Studio and the online help wil be openened.

Creating documents improvements

The Text Fragments have been enhanced; you can filter the list of fragments on name or content. Or filter on the graph where they are created.

Also you can select a document, the Studio will show the content of that document. You can navigate and change the content of document by clicking on the text. Furthermore, you can take Word text and convert it to a fragment.


For text and numbers you can add a text (unit) before and after the input. This is done per data type. So now you can add € before or m² after an interface.

Graph extension

The graph representation is enhanced; if you hover on a node, a '+'-sign is shown, if you press the button, a child node is added. Also, if there is a condition in the edge, a bullet is drawn on that edge. Clicking the bullet shows the condition.

Publishing model description

When you published a model, the name of the model would be the same as the filename. Now you can give an alternative name to be shown in the menu on the internet.

Default html after publishing

After publishing the generated URL always used bb.html as the default presentation layer. Now you can set the default html in the management of publishing servers.

Extension datetext with ordinal numbers

The function datetext translates a date to text. Now you can use 'dst' for ordinal numbers, so you can translate a date to '1st of February'. For example: datetext('01-02-2019', 'dst of mmmm').

Special graphtodataset for libraries

Libraries are technically just graphs imported into the main model. This would lead to problems with graphtodataset; if you use subgraphs in a library, graphtodataset would get all the graphs, including graphs of former library calls. Now you can use graphinlibtodataset to make sure the collected graphs are only the graphs within your own library call.

Model errors help

When a model containing errors was saved, the Studio would just give a warning. Now the Studio will guide you to the location where the errors occurred.

Information sources translation

You can now use variable-quotes in the description of information sources. For that reason, the Information Source Manager screen now support Finder capabalities.

Management Information Dashboard new functionalities

In version 4.6 we introduced the Management Information Dashboard. In the last months there was enormous interest in our customer base. And even better, a range of great suggestions were made. The latest version of the Management Information System Dashboard brings the exciting addition of behavioral analysis tools, and the ability to export key insights to either a spreadsheet or a PDF.

Berkeley Studio running on Mac

Business users mostly run on Windows within the office environment. Outside the office space, a large number of people use a Mac in private. And the growing number of legal education institutions using Berkeley Studio are faced with most students using Mac computers. So from version 4.7 of Berkeley Studio, the Studio is available in a Mac version too.

Studio enhancement

The menu has been replaced by our own code. This means the menu is faster and docking of the Studio in Windows 10 is now possible. This also solved bugs with (very) large screens and minimization.

We have removed the possibilty to add a maximum-height-line and maximum-width-line in the interface in the Studio.


Because login names are often forgotten, it is now possible to login with not only your login name and password, but also with your email address and password.

In the server of version 4.7 we changed the way PDF's are created. Normally the server would wait for a PDF file to be created before continuing. This could take a while. Now the server continues, while the PDF is created in the background. If the user opens the file, the server will still have to wait if the PDF is not ready, but this annoys the user a lot less.

You can contact us for more information.

Continuous improvement of our solution is a core value of our culture here at Berkeley Bridge. Do you have any questions or feature requests that could help us further enhance our software?

Please let us know by filling out the contact form.


A list of the patches can be found here. The solved ticket list can be found here.