Berkeley Studio 4.6


Welcome to the newest version of the Berkeley Studio. Now that you have version 4.6, you have access to exclusive improvements and new features. All the features are explained in our online help. Press F1 in the Studio and the online help wil be openened.

Dataset creation

If you want a filled dataset, but not having to write a complete graph to create one, the button Dataset in Actions can really help. You can even directly import data from Excel into your dataset.


The server was already able to collect data and put that into an Excel file. We have now implemented MongoDB as MIS, meaning a much more richer environment with data. From a model's point of view, nothing changed. The MIS environment can be accessed via WebAdmin, contact us if you are interested.


Visual communication is becoming increasingly important in professional services. An example of this is Legal Design, by which legal professionals use visual and audio-visual means to communicate more effectively with all stakeholders and make complex subjects easier to understand. Berkeley Publisher version 4.6 allows you to generate PowerPoint Presentations, including data and information from the Berkeley Publisher model.

Save case

A case used to be created as soon as a session was started on the server. It is now possible to only create the case if the user presses 'save'. You need a new presentationlayer to implement this feature.

Case transfer

Berkeley Publisher version 4.6 allows you to create workflows and fosters greater collaboration across your company. Users can complete the part of a case for which they are responsible, after which they can transfer the case to another named user for further completion or reviewing. Use getuserlist(); to get the dataset of all users able to access the model. Use assigncase(userid); to re-assign the case.

Excel write

The ability to write data directly to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets makes it easier to transform data into valuable insights even more. It allows users to take advantage of the powerful features Excel has to offer to perform (complex) data analysis. In addition, it is also possible to write changed data back, for future usage in your Berkeley Publisher models.

Library overview

In analysis (F7) there is a new window that shows the use of libraries, and which libraries use other libraries.

Link check

In analysis (F7) there is a new window, URL check, that checks all the links provided in the model, the links in text on the screen and in information sources.

Word export

In the window to create a document, there is now a button export; this button will create the document with the information available, so you can easier check (or let somebody check) for spelling mistakes.


Besides undo, there is a button redo, to undo the undo if you want.

New languages in the written in text functions

You can use English or Dutch in the written functions (like numtostring, datetext) but now you can use Portugese and German as well.


To delete a paragraph, you could use the checkbox. For the same functionality, but then in a table, you can use deleterow. Now this is also available as a checkbox.

Format in textfragment

Sometimes, when you have a number, like 4.523 or 4.5, you want to show that number in a document as 4,52, or 4,50. This had to be done by a formula, but for simple presentation you can use the formatting function. Just doubleclick on the beginning of a variable-quote in a textfragment.

RESTful Web Services

As of Berkeley Publisher version 4.6, users can leverage the capabilities of RESTful Web Services to build and consume a variety of web services. REST has become the default for most Web based applications. Its importance is likely to become even greater, with a growing number of users that want to utilize this technology to integrate data from external sources into their Berkeley Publisher models or integrate models into existing third-party platforms.

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A list of the patches can be found here. The solved ticket list can be found here.