Berkeley Studio 4.11


Welcome to the newest version of the Berkeley Studio! We’ve added several new features and improved many existing ones. Below is a short overview of what’s new. If you need help with the Studio, you can always press [F1] to see the online documentation.

Simple code-repository (video)

The Berkeley Publisher has had the possibility to use Subversion as a versioning system for a long time. Using this meant that a subversion server had to be maintained, and users had to familiarize them self with the principels of code versioning. We have created a new way to share code between users by using a simple folder on a network. It is simple and uncomplicated, and easy to use.

Download documents as set (video)

A standard way of showing all the documents created in a model is to show them in a grid. Now a grid as the option to download all documents in 1 zip file.

Prefill in Berkeley Runner (video)

If you have a large model with mandatory fields, testing means you must fill in all those fields. Now you can use prefill (like on the web) in the Runner by selecting menu Case, Prefill.

Fraction in words (video)

With fractioninwords you can translate 0.1, 0.12 or 0.134 in to a fraction. E.g. 0.1 will be "one tenth".

Jumplist indent (video)

If you want a jumplist-item, you can set it in the editor. It can be dynamic by quoting a variable. The indent was not dynamic, but now, using setmenuindent, you can change the indent from the model itself.


Dateinwords would give the value 30-12-1899 if the date was not correct. Now you can add an extra parameter (text) which will be the result of the function if the given date was not correct. (e.g. '' or 0).


You can contact us for more information.

Continuous improvement of our solution is a core value of our culture here at Berkeley Bridge. Do you have any questions or feature requests that could help us further enhance our software?

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A list of the patches can be found here. The solved ticket list can be found here.